How it all started

Chef Jess is made up of a team of classically-trained chefs and registered dietitians who want to make it easy to eat healthy.

Since 2011, Chef Jess sought to make living a healthy lifestyle more accessible to people within the DMV. From changing the way people think about office catering to delivering delicious family meals to your front door, the Chef Jess team helps companies, individuals, and families become their healthiest selves.

Founded by Jessica Swift, a registered dietitian and trained chef of Johnston and Wales University, the first Chef Jess “client” was her own father. After being diagnosed with Type II diabetes, Jess guided him to losing half his bodyweight, going from 300+ pounds to a healthy 180. Doctors started referring their patients to Jess, knowing she had the medical background to prescribe the correct meal plan combined with the culinary skills to make the transition easy.

Jess enlisted the help of her sister, Jen, a former engineer, to scale the business. Jen’s hectic schedule (and usually empty fridge) represented another market left untapped by the Chef Jess team: the busy working professionals residing in Washington, DC. Together, the two made it easy for working moms to feed their families or for busy individuals to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Today, Chef Jess offers catering, at-home meal delivery, and nutrition consultations to individuals and organizations in the greater Washington area. With a full team of registered dietitians and chefs, Chef Jess remains committed to the original purpose laid out nearly a decade ago: Make healthy food taste good.

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