The President Ate What?!?: The President’s Favorite Foods-The Inauguration Edition!

By: Chef Jess

March 8, 2013


Well it's the time that only comes once in every 4 years...The Presidential Inauguration! For most, it represents a great time to show your patriotism..but for us in Washington  DC, it represents: traffic, people not knowing proper metro etiquette and did I mention TRAFFIC?!? So after sifting through the city, crowds, and galas, what do you do? You eat...but since this isthe inauguration edition we're going to eat like a President ...of course! After much searching I was able to figure out some of our Presidents favorite foods. Some of the dishes are quite unusual...Can you guess which president loved Squirrel Stew?!? #Yum!      


  • George Washington: Fish and ice cream
  • William Henry Harrison: Squirrel stew
  • Abraham Lincoln: Fruit salad, cheese
  • Grover Cleveland:  Pickled herring
  • Theodore Roosevelt:  Wild game, biscuits and gravy
  • William Howard Taft:  Turtle Soup
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Grilled cheese sandwiches, hot dogs
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower: Oxtail soup,prune whip
  • John F. Kennedy: New England clam chowder
  • Lyndon B. Johnson: Pancakes, sweet potatoes with toasted marshmallows
  • Richard Nixon:  Meatloaf, dried figs, cottage cheese
  • Gerald Ford:  Pot roast, red cabbage
  • Ronald Reagan : Jelly beans, mac & cheese, monkey bread
  • George H. W. Bush: Pork rinds, but despised broccoli!
  • Bill Clinton : Burgers, Sweet Potato Cheesecake courtesy of Chef Sonya!
  • George W. Bush: Pretzels, PB & J
  • Barack Obama: Chili, burgers
  • For a more complete list check out the Astute Recorder.
So one of two things just happened...either your hunger pangs kicked in or the squirrel stew made you a little queasy! I think this has made me a little of both :-). Chef Jess is a metro Washington, DC based Registered Dietitian offering exceptional nutrition and culinary services. Let's talk food with Chef Jess and let her vast health and wellness knowledge lead you to a healthy lifestyle!
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